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Anti-Spam Email Message Header Codes:

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Anti-Spam - Reason Codes
The Anti-Spam engine issues reason report codes when it scores a message as spam, and when it bypasses Anti Spam processing for a message. Thus each email that is delivered to you will have an anti spam report code added to each email message header. If you look at the message header in your email you will then find the reason code why you received the email.

There are four logical sets of codes - Spam Reasons, Character set Reasons, Bypass Reasons, and Intrusion Prevention reasons which are described in the tables below:

 Spam Reason Codes

Code Issued Reason

P - HTML and Text parts don't match
E - External images in content
N - No Text part
I - Embedded image in content
B - No Body and No Subject
R - No intermediary Server
S - Message contains a script
F - Spam scored via a Filter
K - Spam scored via Blacklist Keyword

 Character Set Reason Codes

Code Issued Reason

F - Character set not allowed
M - Missing character set information

 Bypass Reason Codes

Code Issued Reason

L - License is invalid
W - Sender is on Whitelist
T - Sender is Trusted
O - Message is Outgoing
S - Message exceeds size threshold for checking
B - Sender information is in Bypass file
A - Message is from a Non-User account (e.g. mailing list)
M - Spam processing was bypassed because the Access Mode was set for specific accounts, and this account is not one of them.
G - Sender exists in GroupWare address books.
K - Words found in Whitelist Keywords

 Intrusion Prevention Reason Codes

Reason Code Explanation
C - Tarpitting invoked via Content Filters
I - IP blocked for exceeding connections in one minute
M - IP blocked for delivering oversized message
R - IP blocked for exceeding RSET command count
D - IP blocked for being listed on DNSBL
A - The account that this message was sent to was a "tarpit" account so the sending IP is tarpitted
P - IP block for exceeding unknown User delivery count
Y - IP blocked for Relaying
S - IP blocked for exceeding Spam score in a message
U - IP blocked Manually via Console
L - IP blocked for too many failed login attempts

 Anti-Spam Live Reason Codes

Code Issued Reason
Y - This message is flagged as highly likely Spam by the Anti-Spam Live Servers.
H - This message is flagged as highly likely to be Bulk Mail.
N - This message is considered genuine


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